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Tripple Closed 10 Inch / 25cm Enclosure
900 RMS / 2400 W 
1x 1Ohm or 3x 4Ohm hook up Impedance - 26kg
25mm MDF Front with internal back bearings, Flush Mounted Subwoofer.
W=89,0cm - H=31,0cm - D1=29,0cm - D2=19,0cm

NOTE: Cause of heavy total weight and transport safety we are shipping HIGH POWER Enclosure and Subwoofer seperate.

Loaded EXCURSION SHX High Power Enclosures are designed and made in EU. A massive CNC made 25mm MDF Frontpanel which get further pimped with internal back bearings asure being solid like a rock for maximum excursion of our SHX Bunnies. Those are flush mounted and protected through a pair of stable safety bars. This is how our Bunnies are ready to punch the folk out of you car ...

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