What we call REFERENCE is our engineering Flagship we preferable like to get compared with. Our Bad Boys in EXCURSION Town which "others" better mind to compete. Several decades of smartest Innovations come together and feature weightless natural Paper Kraft Pulp Cone with a full size inversed Polypropylen Dustcap, combine authentic high end demands of dryness and volume with a greasing and an outstanding low frequent Sound Performance. Feature tricky Rubbatek Foam DWS (Double Wide Surround) to increase in our stiffened stamped, patended, flanged and oversized Steel Basket to a maximum cone area. Tripple Level VC Cooling Tech effect a circle air flow via stamped perimeter side vents, upper VC Former Vents and Pole piece of backplate. 4 high layered pure copper coil on solid 2,5" aluminium Former centered via unbreakable linear spider asure most precise movements from softly up to madness. Military standard allen screw terminals which welcome up to 8GA speaker cables, aware every Watt counts. Our double stacked 280oz Engine act in perfect efficiency. Stylish protected with a massiv Excursion Rubber Boot and a bumped rear our Bad Boys show up with a craftmansship "almost" built forever.
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