Plug EXCURSION Smart OEM DSP Series offers the simplest possible installation for an almost unlimited range of options, amplifier configuration or even your most ambitious audio goals in your most private of all rooms. PXA P6 is an evolution of your standard OEM car radio down to the most professional car hi-fi levels, while maintaining a full rebuilt capability of OEM origin. The PXA P6 is equipped with a 6-channel digital audio signal processor which immediately after the "PLUG" can immediately change any existing plant at "PLAY" and instantly create a BlueTooth audio connection for your music in the highest lossless quality Smart phone or tablet allows. All configuration is conceivable, as well as operation without a radio control unit. Switched via ignition and only with BlueTooth audio signal, operated via the included remote control, all other types of mobile 12V applications from motorbike to motorboat or quad to buggy come into question.
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