EXCURSION STREET 2way Coaxial loudspeaker set their the benchmark prior with its high resolution 19mm textile dome Tweeter in order to set them clear apart from mass. This mass which is flooding the market whith Mylar or Metalfilm high range noise generators or want make believe that as more of those generators are fixed infront of the fact speaker cone as more there is any value in their offer. We from EXCURSION want especially at this point ask you not to compare Apple with Pears or trust blind any well known brand name. We want you, looking for good speakers, us to compare with fact compareable. The quality of the Tweeter is not replaceable for the Sound Qualtiy result of the coaxial loudspeaker and is relativ more expensive than the rest of the speaker. Further EXCURSION typical technolgies like backvented baskets or voice coil formers, using best materials and most efficient motor design make these EXCURSION Street Coaxials to the first choice for high grade factory replacement.
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